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First Light Photography is owned and managed by photographer Ei Katsumata, and is based in the San Francisco Bay Area. First Light Photography offers fine art photographic decor prints, and stock photography to advertising and editorial clients.

Our primary subject matter includes travel, nature, and recreation photography. Travel locations consist mainly of Northern California and Japan, as well as a number of other locations. Please browse our galleries or take a look at our stock list for more information.

We make our living from our photography, so please respect our copyright. Images on our site may not be copied, duplicated, reproduced or published under any circumstance without our permission. All content on is © Ei Katsumata. Thanks for your cooperation.

If you are a non-profit organization, a student, or an instructor, and would like to use one of our images, please contact us. We just might be able to work something out.

Thanks for looking, and we hope you enjoy your visit.