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Stock Photography

Unlike assignment photography, in which images are produced on an as needed basis, stock photography consists of images that have already been produced and are available for immediate licensing. Stock photography is often a better choice for image buyers, as it offers a better value than assignment photography.

Customers of stock photography include magazine and book publishers, advertising agencies, design firms, travel bureaus, paper products publishers, and web designers.

Stock photography license fees vary greatly. Fees are dependent on a number of factors, such as size, placement, press run, and geographic distribution. When customers license a stock photograph, they are bound by the license they pay for. However, the customer benefits from such an arrangement, as they only pay for the usage they need.

When a stock photo is licensed to a customer, the copyright remain with the photographer. Why? By only selling the specific rights a buyer needs, we can offer a much better value. Selling the copyright for a photo in its entirety costs buyers far more than they are usually willing to spend. And besides, most image buyers only require specific rights for a stock photo.

For a quote, please take a look at our licensing page, which can be found here.